IaaS Infrastructure You Can Count On

VirtualTin virtual and physical infrastructure solutions are supplied and built to your customers requirements saving you time, effort and money.

Without fixed assets at the core of your business, your business can grow without the headache of tax on depreciation allowing for it to meet market demands and reduce its tax burden.

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Standard Unlike Other Suppliers

Datacenter hosting you can rely upon: Hosting only provided from true Tier 3 service hosting.

Full KVM access to the servers: Enabling for you to remote control the server through a reboot and power the servers on and off.

Firewall Connectivity: Enterprise class fault tolerant IPS enabled firewall and IP connectivity with:

  • Network load balancing for websites
  • Gateway antivirus
  • Bandwidth and external IP addresses

Our services are sold with monitoring: VirtualTin actively manage and proactively react to monitoring. We go the extra mile and even monitor your service offering and not just the infrastructure we provide to you.

We do not contend resources: Resources such as RAM, processors and disk space VirtualTin provide uncontended resource, meaning that your servers will perform consistently and not suffer from contention of service slow down. We do not use: dynamic disks, dynamic RAM and contended processors meaning that VirtualTin outperforms our competitors equivalent services.

Approved Partners: Our IaaS solution can provide all aspects of hardware as a service to build an enterprise network, our approved partners and suppliers bolt together to meet your organizations requirements and VirtualTin can cover all aspects of the infrastructure deployment to a point of handover.

5Star Delivery With Pride

We pride ourselves on our infrastructure delivery and stability within all of our offerings, so why not benefit from our vast experience in service delivery. We offer IaaS “Infrastructure as a Service” services for multiple reasons:

  • As a bolt on service into our other offerings like Hosted Desktop platforms and Private Cloud services allowing for flexibility within our customers service offerings.
  • A stand alone service offering, enabling customers to pick and mix virtual and physical infrastructures either bolting into their existing offering or completely stand alone solution.
  • Network expansion for existing infrastructures wanting to benefit from our resilience and the cost saving offering.

Flexible Flexibility In Delivery

Our offering of monthly leased infrastructure gives great flexibility in service delivery to you and your customers:


  • Physical servers
  • Virtual servers
  • Storage solutions
  • Backup solutions


  • External IP address requirements (RIPE)
  • Internet & backhaul network connectivity
  • Network switching or physical VLAN network switch ports
  • Network load balancers


  • Physical firewall devices and ports
  • Proxy solutions
  • Internet traffic filtering & virus protection
  • Email traffic filtering & virus protection