Support Support That Makes A Difference

Our innovative support solutions always add value to the businesses we support. We are committed to delivering quality services. So many support consultancies just focus on price reducing the quality of the support offered and provide sub-standard infrastructures. We are different, we deliver solutions that meet our customers requirements at a sensible cost. Our solutions reduce the support overhead of day to day operations, making for a happier end user experience. Reduced support overhead allows for us to be competitive within the market place with our pricing. It’s an old fashioned statement but alot of IT companies could do with understanding it’s value: “Do it once and do it right!”.

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Work Smarter Fresh Thinking

We make the effort to get to know you and your business. Ask yourself, how can a support company offer any value to you if they are not prepared to understand your requirements? We then propose a solution to meet your requirements and budget using best of breed technology to deliver the service. However we also go to the effort to explain why other solutions and technologies can offer better workflow and business practices, to see if you can reduce capital expenditure in different ways to achieve your IT requirements. So spending more to reduce overall business running costs, balancing out the true cost of any proposal to your organisation.

We provide one of the core principles of enterprise IT to your business in offering stable infrastructures using known good technologies that work all day everyday, allowing for you and your business to focus on making money.

We then adapt your IT requirements as time moves on. One of the big advantages our support and consultancy offers to our customers comes from the fact that, VirtualTin is a cutting edge datacenter technology company. We get a much larger than normal exposure to the latest technology. We then go through technology bedding in and teething issues long before we roll out new technologies to our support and consultancy customers, always keeping your business up to date with changes but equally keeping you on the most reliable technology.

Unlike other IT companies we do not just upgrade for the sake of it. Reliability comes through consistency of service. The old saying “If it’s not broke don’t fix it!” seems to of been forgot by far to many IT companies these days.

History Our Mission

We aim to provide our customers and partners with a high level of service and more importantly an understanding of their business that is second to none.
We believe that considered, careful and proactive account management leads to a stronger relationship and in turn adds value to any partnership.
Our customers know us as a company that likes to say “Yes” and rely on our ability to source, create and implement the right solution every time.

At VirtualTin the word “support” doesn’t just apply to technology.

Technical Support Solution Offering

Virtualisation: We are virtualisation experts in delivering virtual server solutions.
Standardisation: Part of of core offering in all services, standardisation within IT infrastructures saves money.
Remote Access: VDI through Microsoft Remote Desktop, Citrix, 2x and VMware.
Cloud Hybrid Networks: Software as a Service "SaaS", Platform as a Service "PaaS" and Private Clouds.
Private Clouds: Our solutions are 2nd to none and include everything you need to remove your onsite servers.
Disaster Recovery: Business continuity and Cloud backup solutions.
Backup topology: On premise, Cloud backup and hybrid solutions.
Apple & Window Hybrid Networks: True Windows and Apple compatibility allowing for data access and sharing between technologies.
Security: We are security experts so you are in safe hands.