We’ve worked with many companies who claim to do all this but when something goes wrong it becomes very clear that they simply aren’t practicing what they preach. With VirtualTin they go above and beyond each and every time. They’ll even happily help us with quotes to turn opportunities into business, and when there’s anything technical that needs looking at – they’re usually already looking at it when we call them. And that’s a key point: we speak to them. They’re always at the end of the phone which may seem a small point but far too many companies outsource this now and actually being able to speak to someone directly who works on the things you are calling about means there’s an instant response. It’s central to our own IT support helpdesk and it’s great to find another company to work with who have the same values – that customers can speak directly to the technical people and not just someone fending off the calls and putting tickets in on your behalf. The people at VirtualTin are friendly and won’t just blind you with technobabble, they’re real people who actually care that you are happy with the products and services they provide.

I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the services of VirtualTin to anyone looking for a partner to deliver solid Datacenter services that just work.


Shaun Wilders , Managing Director | Cultrix Limited

We have found VirtualTin to be an incredibly robust hosting partner that is easy to do business with. VirtualTin always respond quickly to any questions or requests and are simply bullet proof when it comes to reliability. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend VirtualTin to anyone in the market for a hosting partner.

James Gordon, General Manager | Wild Bamboo Ltd.