Sharing Sharing Our Datacenter Knowledge

VirtualTin's connections and expertise within the datacenter and hosting market will enable your datacenter requirements to be fulfilled without a hitch! Datacenter migration or even starting a new infrastructure from fresh within a managed facility is always best done with consultation and advice from people with experience.

Our company builds and maintains datacenter infrastructures with industry connections that are second to none. So why not benefit from our consultancy and purchasing connections and get the best solution for your organization.

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Migration & Consolidation

A common mistake when moving infrastructure into colocation facilities is not to understand the true cost of hosting legacy solutions weighed up against replacing the solution.

We offer a vast amount of value in assisting you in consolidating your infrastructure, then migrating the infrastructure into a datacenter facility. Including most importantly, selecting the best datacenter to meet you requirements.

After all not all datacenters are the same.

DataCenterGreen Colocation Services

We provide colocation services via our high quality partner network. We then make the price point attractive by allowing you to fit more equipment into a rack than most other suppliers.

VirtualTin adds additional value within your decision process by suggesting the correct datacenter facility for your needs.

Whether you need 1U of rack space or an entire datacenter floor we can help.