Private Cloud FAQs

Internet Connectivity

Q: How do we connect to our Private Cloud?

A: We are extremely flexible in providing multiple ways to enable connectivity to your Private Cloud solution via our enterprise class physical device firewalls such as: VPN’s, Networking IP address NAT, load balancing, IP restricted access to name but a few. We can restrict access to your Private Cloud or can open access to your Private Cloud as needed which is especially useful if you are offering Public Cloud services from within your Cloud.

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Software-Hardware Software & Hardware

Q: When a Private Cloud is deployed for a customer what should we expect?

A: VirtualTin always go the extra mile when delivering Private Clouds! We build the network to the pre-agreed level including all servers being on the latest patch release. This includes deploying things like Active Directory and Remote Desktop Services and then configuring all of the standard settings that are needed for these components to function correctly. We then hand over the keys.

Q: Can we have a hybrid network of physical and virtual servers?

A: Yes by all means.

Q: Can we expand our existing network into VirtualTin?

A: Yes by multiple ways we can link via backhaul, VPN or even a direct cable connection if you are present in one of our datacenters. We can even co-locate your current servers as well!

Q: Can you store template builds of servers for repetitive deployments?

A: Yes we can but unlike pretty much all suppliers within the marketplace, we do this at no extra charge.

Data Data

Q: Where is the data located?

A: VirtualTin only uses highly rated UK datacenters to store data. True Tier 3 datacenters are extremely secure and feature many failover systems to protect your data.

Q: Who owns the data?

A: Your customers do! The customers are yours, the infrastructure is VirtualTin's. We all work in true partnership delivering the service to your customers.

Q: We have compliance requirements for our customers can you help?

A: Put simply YES! Our solutions are offered with exceptional level of resiliency and offer many compliance requirements straight out of the box. For more unique requirements each Private Cloud is customized to your needs so it is unlikely that these cannot be accommodated for.

Support Support

Q: Who supports the end users?

A: You do, however VirtualTin provides engineers and support to ensure that your Private Cloud is always working and running at its top performance levels. This single focused approach to the back end/datacenters is how we achieve such great results and reliability across the board.

Q: What about pre-sales support?

A: We are in true partnership, a sale for you is a sale for us we always will help you in encouraging sales in anyway possible. VirtualTin provide infrastructure architecture design as part of a proposal that you can use to close deals. Our sales channel advice is available to you as an ongoing service.

Costs Costs

Q: Can I get some idea of pricing?

A: Yes we are happy to provide full pricing for any Private Cloud solution but we do require a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to be signed by both companies prior to full disclosure. It's a short document and we use NDA's to protect all parties and it just makes things easier. 99% of the time we are discussing requirements based on your customers requirements the NDA allows for us both to be very open.

Q: Who pays for software and hardware upgrades?

A: Any products and licensing that VirtualTin supply come with full upgrade assurance and can be added or removed from your platform as needed. Once up and running VirtualTin will keep you future proofed for the life of your contract.

Q: Who pays for connectivity?

A: We provide you with external IP addresses and internet connectivity as part of your flat fee networking charge. This includes:

  • Gateway Antivirus
  • IPS - Intrusion Protection
  • RIPE External IP Addresses
  • Clustered Firewall ports
  • Physical VLAN network ports
  • Internet bandwidth
  • Site to site VPN's if required
  • Network load balancing if required
  • VirtualTin support and monitoring of the managed firewall solution