Continue Online Business Continuity

VirtualTin's Continue Online service offers different levels of business continuity protection to cater for all types of needs, business sizes and budgets. Continue online offers peace of mind by ensuring systems availability through:

  • Complete recovery of all systems to one of our datacenters with instant access to your data in the event of a disaster.
  • Failover of a single system, providing instant access to data in the event of servers having major hardware/software issues.
  • Complete remote office solution in the event of a disaster. Removing the need for expensive disaster recovery offices.

VirtualTin provides all of the disaster recovery technology and solution implementation for your customers working with you on a reseller basis.

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A Complete Business Continuity Solution

Customers Your Customers

Continue Online provides a complete IT business continuity solution for you to offer to your customers. You do not need to think of anything as we have it covered. Continue Online offers:

  • High speed disaster recovery invocations with near zero loss of data.
  • Removes the requirement of disaster recovery sites.
  • Centralised storage of disaster recovery procedures.
  • Centralised notification of disaster recovery events.
  • Ability to meet compliance requirements
  • Ability to test with certificates issued as evidence of meeting compliance requirements.
  • Systems availability monitoring.

Consultancy Your Business

Continue Online has been deigned to offer a complete disaster recovery solution. Each solution is unique to each customer, the pricing however is straight forward and easy to follow using our pricing matrix.

Each Continue Online quotation comes with a full proposal designed around your customers brief. As always with VirtualTin’s services we deliver the service in tandem with you! Our aim is to make the sales and onboarding process as simple as possible for our partners.

Your customers, VirtualTin’s expertise and a great solution leads to successfully winning new business.