Colocation: Quality Counts

Our proposition to you is related to more then just a price point. We provide colocation services based quality service and then make the price point attractive by allowing you to fit more equipment into a rack then most other suppliers. Reducing the number of racks required by providing you with racks with more U space and higher power thresholds is they key and then providing you with a higher tier of datacenter service only makes the proposition better!

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power Power

  • Up to 64 amps per full rack
  • True 2N UPS dual path resilience, 2N+1 is available
  • Automatically activated diesel generators with priority refueling contracts
  • ‘On-Line’ design for zero interruption during power-fail
  • Full system monitoring and automated self-diagnostics
  • Full UPS chassis by-pass can be achieved without interrupting load
  • Triple network power grid feeds
  • Three on site sub-stations
  • Critical SLA’s on power provision
  • Fully UPS backed cooling
  • Bi-weekly generator testing under full load

cooling Cooling

  • N+1 redundancy
  • Fully tuneable and expandable to requirements
  • Constant temperature, humidity
  • Critical Service Level Agreements on cooling provision
  • Environmental controls linked to our sophisticated central BMS

Priavte Cloud Security & Access

We appreciate that physical and virtual security for your equipment is paramount but at the same time your engineers need quick efficient access when you have a server failure at 3am. Our systems are simple, effective and we have never had a security issue. Our facility is ISO 27001 accredited.

Internet Connectivity

We offer connectivity you can count upon our multihomed IP transit service includes direct connections with multiple suppliers as well as extensive peering’s to other UK and European ISPs via our direct connections to some of the world’s largest public peering exchanges. Including the largest two in the UK, and the largest in Europe.

Peering exchanges including:

  • London Internet Exchange - LINX
  • Amsterdam Internet Exchange - AMS-IX
  • London Access Point - LonAP
  • Netrino UK

Our directly connected full transit suppliers for IPv4 and IPv6:

  • Cogent
  • NTT
  • Level 3
  • Hurricane Electric
  • Virgin Media
  • AboveNet
  • Cable & Wireless
  • TINet

DC Connectivity 130x550