Partners Partnership Delivering Hosted Desktops

The Hosted Desktop vendor offering from VirtualTin is designed to work in partnership with IT companies offering Hosted Desktop solutions. VirtualTin partner with:

  • Hosted Desktop providers.
  • Hosted Desktop resellers.
  • IT companies entering into the Hosted Desktop market.

To provide a framework to reduce costs, maximize revenues and offer a better quality of service.

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Solution How The Solution Works

Your customers buy three main components of service from you the Hosted Desktop Vendor, each of these modules are purchased from VirtualTin already packaged ready for sale. Unlike reselling, the Hosted Desktop Platform is dedicated to your organisation, customized and branded to meet your service offering.

VirtualTin's flexible service offering provides additional modules of service broadening your service offering as your solution develops. The modules of service provide multiple vertical sales channels to develop as your Hosted Desktop business grows. The modules of service are sold in a customer friendly way, matching the IT infrastructure items that your customers are familiar with purchasing:

The solution offers all the benefits of reselling without all of the issues surrounding reselling. The Hosted Desktop platform is owned by your organisation, empowering your organisation to make decisions that normally within a reselling framework are not available to you. Making more opportunities available to your organisation and your customers.

Offering Our Offering

VirtualTin works in partnership with the Hosted Desktop Vendor delivering Cloud services to the customer:

The Platform: VirtualTin design, build, maintain and host the Hosted Desktop platform and then work with the Hosted Desktop Vendor to provide Hosted Desktop services to the end customer.

Invoicing: VirtualTin produce monthly invoicing completely breaking down everything required to invoice your customers.

Sales Channel Advice: We consider you a partner. Our sales team has a wealth of hosting knowledge to help you with your Hosted Desktop platform, we understand your market space and offer value to your sales team in the way of advice and marketing information.

Ability To Demonstrate: VirtualTin provides the ability to demonstrate your Hosted Desktop platform to prospective customers from day one.

Simplicity: VirtualTin simplify the whole business of offering Cloud services dramatically. Simplifying the provisioning process and providing work flows.

Proven Technology And Solution Management: VirtualTin addresses the issues surrounding costs of deployment, maintenance and scaling. Enabling your business to focus on sales and marketing knowing that your Hosted Desktop platform is in safe hands.