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Backitup Online is the next level of data protection for your customers. Backitup is a backup client with native support for all of the popular line of business data storage technologies.

Our proposition provides the ability for your business to initially create a new sales channel by becoming a rebranded reseller of Backitup Online. Once your client base grows, VirtualTin will then migrate your customers into your own branded Cloud backup service provider solution, without the need to change providers.

This unique offering allows for your business to grow from having no service into a service provider, keeping your costs to an absolute minimum and maximizing profits.

Supply Cloud Backups With Confidence

Backitup offers centralized backup management of multi platform customers. All data is encrypted using 256bit encryption keeping your customers data secure in transit over the internet to your Cloud backup solution.

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Backitup Online Free Trial

Backitup Online Free Trial

Customers For Your Customers

A backup client that works on multiple platforms and that allows for flexibility of management:

  • Local client application
  • Customer web interface
  • Administrator/reseller interface

Backup support for multiple technologies:

For Your Business

The ability to manage backup jobs centrally via your own Cloud portal showing all of your customer's and reseller's backups. With the ability to:

  • View all customers backup logs.
  • Export billing information.
  • Manage all customers backup jobs.
  • Set up multiple email notifications.
  • Set backup quota limits.
  • Access to VirtualTin's extensive knowledge base.
  • The ability to offer trials and demos.

Feature Rich

  • Off-line backup mode and logout backup reminder.
  • Customizable backup schedule allowing backups to be scheduled at any time.
  • Compress and encrypt data automatically before sending it to Backitup's data repository. (Backitup stores only encrypted data)
  • Incremental backup strategy ensures that only new or updated files are sent to the Backitup service.
  • Comprehensive backup report lists all files backed up with an automated backup report delivered via email.
  • Fully customizable data retention policy allows users to have access to deleted files using the least possible storage space upon Backitup.
  • You can select source backup files easily by using a backup filter, e.g. selecting all *.doc and *.xls files in a single operation.
  • Access backup data anytime, anywhere by using a web browser.
  • Periodic backup file validation ensures backup files are 100% valid and fully restorable when needed.