Best Of Breed Migration & Consolidation

We build datacenter infrastructures on a regular basis and have strong relationships with the best of breed suppliers within the datacenter industry. Our business focus is then to build services within these facilities using technology to reduce costs and also increase capacity. Imagine what our consultancy and knowledge could achieve for your business.

VirtualTin consultancy pays for itself within the savings that it achieves for your business, why not call us today for an informal chat?

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Rationalise Reduce Reuse Recycle

When moving infrastructure from any location to another or even when you are just considering scaling into another site, one of the first things you should always do is have a good spring clean.

VirtualTin are consolidation experts and have years of experience of migrating networks into datacenters, the old saying “You need to spend money to make money” is extremely valid in terms of consolidation. Too many companies make the mistake of looking at investments and return of investment and not looking at ongoing costs against re-investment returns.

We look at infrastructure in a different way to traditional IT consultants in that we understand ROI against service delivery and then datacenter delivery. Turning 5 servers into 2 servers could dramatically reduced costs in datacenter hosting over 3 years to pay back the initial investment. We have a vast experience in calculating this type of investment, so why not let VirtualTin assist you in delivering a better service that's wiser, faster and cheaper than before.

UK Location

Location, Location, Location as the saying is. In terms of datacenters the physical location may not be the only decision that you need to consider. Not all datacenter offerings are the same, in fact pretty much all datacenters offer different unique selling points. Understanding the value hidden amongst all of the offerings is not always as easy to find as you may think.

A common recourse is that its got to be better then hosting from my own building, and put simply “yes” is always the answer. Long term contracts and quick decisions never tend to end well! So wouldn’t it be a good idea to work with a company who understands the market and get some advice? For instance it's a common misconception that the price of a datacenter server rack is the thing to look for! Why not talk to us today to find out why?