Will the Blackberry Enterprise Server die?

In short the answer to this is no, at least not for the time being; even though Blackberry has included Active Sync to their recent phones and their new Blackberry 10 devise which has been recently launched there is no indication that they intend to remove the server management component.

I suspect the reasons behind including Active Sync is more to do with falling mobile phone sales and less to do with any plan to remove the sever side component. It’s true that the latest Microsoft Exchange software does include some mobile phone management features but why should this stop Blackberry from keeping their own management product?

In my opinion it is far better to have two options for managing mobile devices then one and having that competition will lead to more innovation from both sides.
There are also rumours floating about that Blackberry may launch a tablet devise or a phone so large you might as well call it a tablet but this is just speculation at the moment and nothing has been confirmed by Blackberry.

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