Monthly Archives: January 2014

Chrome “SpyGate”: Google in the news again!

Any computer running the Chrome browser can be subverted to eavesdrop on conversations happening around it, claims a developer. Israeli coder Tal Ater found the bug while working on his own speech recognition software. Despite Google finding a way to fix the bug in October 2013 the update has yet to be rolled out...

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Floods: Disaster Recovery – Time To Reflect And Protect

The floods that we have endured in late 2013 and early 2014 have been real eye openers. We have seen houses and lots of businesses severely affected by the weather and it does beg the question: What would you do if your building/offices were under several feet of water? Many facts are thrown around these days...
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BlackBerry: A new year and a new start!

Last week, the US military announced that it would have a surge in "mobility" devices, including iPads, iPhones, and Samsung tables and smartphones. On Tuesday the world's biggest defence spender announced it would buy 80,000 BlackBerrys, boosting the firm's share price rise by 9.36%. The Canadian company has now seen its shares rocket by more than 60%...
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