Windows XP is now is one of the largest IT security threats

With the desktop global market still showing approximately 12% of all desktop and laptop machines are still running Windows XP (over double the MAC OS X market share) based on usage statistics in June and July 2015 we are now facing one of the largest security threats in recent history.

Microsoft have now official stopped providing Windows security and Windows defender updates for Windows XP for all but a few with deep pockets. Hackers are quite literally lined up for a free for all on systems running Windows XP to exploit users in as many ways as possible.

The decision to drop the popular operating system has been seen as an abrupt end to an old friend, but it is also seen by many as a necessity for security, devices and functionality to be moved forward within the market place. The decision to stop security updates in order to achieve this goal could be interoperated as being rather harsh, irresponsible and ultimately dangerous. But on the other hand Microsoft have provided a long period of notice of it's intention to drop the Windows XP product from it's support and offering and could argue that people have simply been to slow to react.

Time will tell but we are certainly in for an interesting 12 months, the question has to be which well know company will be the first to be hacked? especially bearing in mind that we still have some point of sale terminals running Windows XP within the UK.

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