Windows Server 2012 what is Microsoft thinking? Part 2

The driving force behind Windows 8 and 2012 are rumoured to be Microsoft attempting to build a one fits all operating system that can be installed on all technologies. Sounds like a good idea if they can pull it off however it seems they have released the first version a little too soon!

Our blog on the 4th April described a few problems we had come across with the Microsoft 2012 platform. We have since discovered that Microsoft is perhaps going to release an update for Windows 8 code named ‘Blue’. Not much is known about ‘Blue’ as the people in the know are being very tight lipped but rumours suggest that we have not been the only ones to criticise about some of the new features in windows 8, 2012 and Microsoft plan to address some of these in the new update.

We wait with baited breath to discover more about the new update and will of course update our blog again once we have more details as what this update will actually do.

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