Monthly Archives: January 2013

Thinking about Hosted Desktop for your business?

What is a Hosted Desktop? Hosted Desktop is a windows desktop that can be access through the internet. The centralised nature of hosted desktops can overcome common issues with mobile working, delivery of a common infrastructure across physical sites, disaster recovery, cost control and scaling up/down in timely fashion. Hosted desktop services can be...
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Things to look for from a Hosted Desktop provider

Comparing services from providers is always a challenge. To assist you we have provided a list of questions we suggest you ask before signing an agreement with a hosted desktop provider:

Meet the vendor: Try to have at least one face to face meeting.

Speak directly to support? Try calling the support line at...

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Datacenter Tiers what does it all mean?

Datacenter Tiers are simply a method of rating data centers which has be recognised by the data center industry for measuring infrastructure standards. I won’t be going into the history of how these standards were developed or what a data center needs to do in order to qualify for each tier. All you really need to...
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